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The Fertiliser Association of New Zealand has three permanent staff, plus a Management Board and a Technical Committee.

Chief Executive

Dr Vera Power has been appointed as Chief Executive commencing 13th February 2017

The Chief Executive is responsible for the implementation of the Fertiliser Association's policy in relation to:

  • Research
  • Sustainability issues
  • Environmental issues
  • Resource Management Act
  • Local authority and central government planning

The Chief Executive is the Fertiliser Association's representative on a range of external committees and also takes part in a number of industry and government discussion groups. She will be responsible for the industry’s commitment to research and best management practices covering the relationships between soil, nutrients and plant growth.

Executive Manager

Greg Sneath is the Fertiliser Association's Executive Manager. Greg provides representation on a range of industry and local government groups and provides technical support and assistance to the Chief Executive.

Administration Manager

Louise Hargraves is the Fertiliser Association's Administration Manager. Louise provides the office and financial administration functions required to ensure the smooth operation of the Association.  Louise is also responsible for the administration of the Nutrient Management Adviser Certification Programme.

Management Board

The Board is responsible for setting the policy direction of the Fertiliser Association.

Board members are:

  • The chairman from each member company; John Henderson (Ravensdown) and David Peacocke (Ballance)
  • The two chief executives of the member companies; Greg Campbell (Ravensdown) and Mark Wynne (Ballance)
  • Two Technical representatives, Mike Manning (Ravensdown) and Warwick Catto (Ballance)
  • The Management Board is currently chaired by John Henderson.

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee makes recommendations to the Management Board on research funding, and also provides technical advice to the Board on a wide range of industry issues.

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