Fertiliser disposal

Under no circumstances shall any fertiliser be disposed of in a way that risks adverse environmental effects. The best practical option for the disposal of any surplus or unwanted fertiliser is application onto suitable land or crops in accordance with this Code or finding a neighbouring farmer who may have a use for it.

While most fertiliser materials are handled in bulk, some products are provided in bags of varying sizes and some as liquids. Re-usable or recyclable containers should be used if available. For all other situations, containers should be disposed of in a manner that minimises any risk to human health and the environment.

Disposal options may include:

  • Alternative use - the container must be completely empty. Liquid fertiliser containers should be triple rinsed and the washings applied to land
  • Recycling
  • Sanitary landfills - check with the local Regional Council or unitary authority to confirm that packaging material for fertilisers are accepted at landfills in your region.
  • Burning - regional air quality plans for some areas permit controlled incineration of packaging material.
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