Fertiliser storage


Storage conditions shall ensure that fertiliser is never contaminated with other chemicals or chemical products, and that fertiliser does not escape from the storage facility. Some stores may also need to provide appropriate signage.

Fertiliser storage buildings shall be sited to minimise any risk of environmental contamination. In particular, storage sites must not present a risk of direct water contact with stored fertiliser. This includes the entry of storm water or runoff from surrounding areas. See the best management practices at the end of this chapter.


Fertiliser buildings shall be constructed so that stored fertiliser remains in a useable condition. In particular, fertiliser should stay dry and free from contamination by other fertiliser types or any foreign material. Bulk fertiliser shall be stored in a manner that preserves the physical properties of the fertiliser and allows the fertiliser to be retrieved from storage and used without contamination. The fertiliser shall be stored on an impermeable surface to prevent leaching to groundwater and to prevent the localised accumulation of contaminants in the soil.

  1. Fertiliser storage buildings may be subject to approval and issue of the necessary consents from the local authority concerned.
  2. Temporary storage sites should comply with local council requirements.
  3. Bagged fertiliser should be protected from direct sunlight, rainfall and contamination by chemical products.

Compatibility of fertilisers

Fertiliser blends or physical mixtures shall only be used if there is no risk of chemical or physical (e.g. moisture absorption) reaction between fertilisers in the blend or mixture that may reduce application accuracy. The blend or mixture should be such that there is little or no physical segregation (separating out or settling) of the blended or mixed components in transport and handling operations. Expert advice should be sought before creating a blend as some fertilisers are not compatible. See Fact Sheet 6.

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