Choice of fertiliser product

There are a vast range of fertiliser products in the marketplace. Fertilisers chosen should be Fertmark registered, appropriate for use in New Zealand and meet production needs without unacceptable environmental effects.

Aim to select fertilisers that best meet identified nutrient needs while minimising environmental risks.

The suitability of a product is determined by:

  • product specification (which nutrients are present, their concentration and mobility)
  • the form or chemical species of the nutrients in the product (i.e. liquid, fluid suspension, solid, physical or chemical mixture)
  • particle size (including droplet size for liquid fertilisers) and other physical properties
  • solubility or release rate of the product and nutrient availability to plants
  • any effects on other products (e.g. can it be blended or tank mixed?) or equipment (e.g. is it corrosive?)
  • impurities which may be present in the product
  • application and handling equipment required
  • spreading characteristics
  • required application rate to meet nutrient requirement
  • cost
  • Fertmark registration.

More information in fact sheet 6.

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