This Code of Practice for Nutrient Management provides a framework for the overall management of nutrients on arable and pastoral farms, horticulture and viticulture blocks, market gardens and forest plantations, and places special emphasis on the use of manufactured fertilisers. In particular the Code aims to ensure that such fertilisers are used safely, responsibly and effectively, while avoiding or minimising adverse environmental effects.

The Code's objectives are:

  • to provide a simple yet effective process for nutrient management
  • to promote practices that ensure sustainable and economically viable use of fertiliser
  • to provide users with information on sustainable nutrient management
  • to help support business owners (farmers and growers) to achieve their production and environmental goals for nutrient management

Use of the Code will give users, regulatory authorities and markets the assurance they require that the nutrients used in New Zealand primary production are well managed to avoid or minimise adverse environmental impacts.


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