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What is OVERSEER® Nutrient Budgets Model?

OVERSEER® is an agricultural management tool which assists farmers and their advisers to examine nutrient use and movements within a farm to optimise production and environmental outcomes.

The computer model calculates and estimates the nutrient flows in a productive farming system and identifies risk for environmental impacts through nutrient loss, including run off and leaching, and greenhouse gas emissions.

OVERSEER® produces a nutrient budget which is a summary of all nutrient inputs and outputs from a farm or block within a farm. The model provides the means to investigate alternative farm management options to improve the efficiency of nutrient use so as to optimise production and reduce the risk of adverse environmental impacts. Overseer Nutrient Budgets provides for pastoral and cropping (fruit, vegetable and arable) farms.

OVERSEER® is owned by MAF, The Fertiliser Association and AgResearch.

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