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Dairy Farmers on Track to Meet Mid-Year Nutrient Target

Thursday, 29 March 2007


Media Statement made by Dr Hilton Furness, Technical Director, Fert Research

The number of dairy farmers using nutrient budgets to manage nutrient inputs and outputs as at March 2007 is 80%, and is not at the 33% level the Minister of Agriculture, Mr Jim Anderton, used in an address to fertiliser industry leaders in Wellington on Tuesday.

Mr Anderton’s address made it clear that the figure of 33% he referred to was the position in June 2006.

At that time the fertiliser and dairy industries were in the first stages of implementing more than 10 years of research, computer modelling and advisor training that makes developing individual farm nutrient budgets a possibility.

It is 8 months since the June 2006 position, and now four out of five dairy farmers are using nutrient budgets, and we are on track to achieve 100% adoption by mid 2007.

This represents a major commitment on the part of the fertiliser industry, and is compelling evidence that farmers are prepared to adopt measures to protect the environment and practice sustainable farming.

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