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30 May 2005

Greg Sneath has been appointed Technical Manager at fertiliser industry body, Fert Research.

4 November 2004

Agricultural researchers are being challenged by the fertiliser industry to show the country’s farmers how to better use nutrients. Central to this is balancing a focus on efficiency and profitability with equal emphasis on sustainable farming and good environmental practice.

21 October 2004

Nitrogen and phosphorus fertiliser use on hill country is a topic of considerable interest throughout the sheep and beef industry, and recent research has demonstrated some exciting future directions for this use. Guest speaker Allan Gillingham, from AgResearch Grasslands, will be discussing this research at today’s New Zealand Grassland Association Annual Conference during the Fert Research sponsored session.

8 October 2004

Farmers, scientists and industry representatives are gathering to address farming practices for both sustainability and profitability at this year’s New Zealand Grasslands Association Annual Conference.

22 February 2004

The New Zealand Fertiliser Manufacturers’ Research Association (Fert Research) is the latest organisation to formally join the Pastoral Greenhouse Gas Research Consortium (PGGRC). Through Fert Research, its member companies will make a significant financial contribution to the consortium over the next three to four years.

24 September 2003

Farmers and growers are now able to access newly combined fertiliser best practice tools on the internet. Innovative software OVERSEER®, and the recently updated Code of Practice for Fertiliser Use have been integrated and are available to easily download from the internet.

30 June 2003

The Fert Research Code of Practice for Fertiliser Use has been given a boost with the release of eight new addenda providing additional information to support the core recommendations within the Code. The addenda cover key areas such as nutrient budgeting, spreading, water quality, cadmium and nitrate management as well as organic farming and greenhouse gas emissions.

2 December 2002

New research shows the copper status of deer can be easily improved via normal fertiliser pasture application. Historically, copper deficiency in deer has been a common problem that potentially leads to nerve and bone disorders.

26 September 2002

The board of Fert Research has appointed David Graham as chairman, effective immediately, replacing retiring chairman Jim Pringle.

10 September 2002

Farmers can expect their fertiliser advisors to be armed with the very latest information and tools when making fertiliser recommendations following the establishment of a new specialist training programme for Fert Research member company advisors.

14 February 2002

New research has shown that as much as 60% of potential pasture growth can be lost after cattle treading on wet soils. According to Keith Betteridge, a researcher at AgResearch, Palmerston North the soil and plant damage created by cattle treading can significantly reduce productivity, often without farmers realising it.

13 February 2002

Increased farm production and the promotion of sustainable farming practices in New Zealand are likely to be given a boost following a gathering of soil and fertiliser scientists in Palmerston North this week. The presentation of results from numerous studies will provide new information on how to minimise environmental impacts while increasing production levels.

7 December 2001

Fert Research and Massey University are leading the way in bringing international expertise to the local agricultural sector. Some of the world’s leading authorities in soil management from the UK, Australia and New Zealand are confirmed as keynote speakers at the upcoming joint conference between the New Zealand Fertiliser Manufacturers’ Research Association and Massey University’s Fertilizer and Lime Research Centre.

12 October 2001

New research has shown that dairy cows are fussy about eating spring pasture that has high potassium content. Therefore farmers need to apply fertiliser carefully during spring months as it is common for the lush, rapidly growing grass to have a potassium content greater than the 3% required for maximum pasture growth.

17 August 2001

The fertiliser industry’s new strategy for research aims to boost the economic returns from fertiliser use by farmers. The research strategy recently launched by the New Zealand Fertiliser Manufacturers’ Research Association (Fert Research) wants scientists to undertake research that will assist in creating wealth for farmers through a wide range of tools, practices and innovations.

12 April 2001

Precision farming techniques will continue to develop as farmers begin to harness the benefits of technology. One example is the possible future use of global positioning systems (GPS) which, new research suggests could markedly improve the efficacy of fertiliser use on hill country.

14 November 2000

Over the last forty years New Zealand farmers have adopted technologies that have enabled them to remain in the top rank of efficient food producers in the world, sometimes at a rate that has embarrassed scientists, extension workers and industry, according to Arthur Duncan of Ravensdown Fertiliser Co-operative.

10 November 2000

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