Archived Completed Research

Effect of the application of Cu to pasture on the Cu status of deer

AgResearch-ND Grace, PR Wilson, WJ Thomas
Completed May 2002
Copper Status of Grazing Weaner Yearling and Mature Hinds.pdf

Overseer Upgrade - Addition of more crops

Crop & Food Research - P Williams & S Ledgard
Completed March 2002

The Amounts of Organic Matter and Nutrients in New Zealand Topsoils; Implications for Nutrient Management on Dairy Farms and Other Pastoral Farms

D C Edmeades (Fertiliser Information Services Ltd) & A H C Roberts (AgResearch)
Completed December 2001
Fert Research Organic Matter Research 2002.pdf

Fluoride accumulation in soils and its influence on root and microbial processes

Prof M J Hedley & Dr P Loganathan
Completed December 2001

Clover root weevil

AgResearch - A Carran
Completed July 2001
Clover Root Weevil.pdf

Effect of stocking rate on cation leaching

Dexcel - Hamilton
Completed June 2001
Research Summary-Effect of Stocking Rate on Cation Leaching Executive Summary.pdf

Effect of Calcium Supplementation in Milk Production and Hypocalcaemia at the Stratford Demonstration Farm

AgResearch-S F Ledgard, G D Pitman, M J O'Connor
Completed June 2001
Effect of Calcium Supplementation.pdf

Popular Summary Of The Contract Report To New Zealand Fertiliser Manufacturers' Research Association

A G Gillingham and M H Gray (AgResearch)
Completed October 1999
Popular Summary of the Contract Report.pdf

Cation And Anion Leaching Losses From Southland, Waikato And Taranaki Pastures Grazed By Cattle

S F Ledgard, G S Rajendram (AgResearch Ruakura, Hamilton) and R M Monaghan (AgResearch Invermay, Mosgiel)
Completed 2000
Cation and Anion Leaching Losses.pdf

Factors Affecting Phosphate Concentrations in Surface and Subsurface Runoff from Steep East Coast Hill Country

J D. Blennerhassett Masters of Applied Science, Department of Soil Science, Massey University
Completed 1998
Factors Affecting Phosphate Concentrations.pdf

Ameliorating Forage System Impacts on the Environment

Lincoln University - Centre for Soil & Environmental Quality - Dr L M Condron, Dr H J Di, Prof K C Cameron, et al
Completed June 2002

MAF Vegetable Fertiliser Trials - A Reappraisal Using A New Model

A Pearson, R Renquist, and J Reid
Completed June 1999

Leaching Of Nitrate From Maize And Tomato Paddocks

A J Pearson, J B Reid, P J Stone and I B Sorensen
Completed February 1999

Potassium Requirements Of Hill Country Soils In North Island New Zealand

S J Officer, R W Tillman, A S Palmer and J H Kirkman
Completed August 1999

Fluoride - A Review Of Its Fate And Hazard Potential In Grazed Pasture Systems

S J Cronin, V Manoharan, M J Hedley, and P Loganathan
Completed 1999

Effect Of Fertiliser Potassium And Nitrogen On Herbage Minerals Required For Animal Health

J Morton and C Smith
Completed June 2002

Lime responses on dry hill country

AgResearch - JD Morton
Completed June 2003

Fertilisers and Animal Health: K on Farms

AgResearch-JD Morton, C Roach
Completed June 2003

Fertilisers and Animal Health: K on Farms extension - Determine whether high K pastures affect cow behaviour and whether Sodium addition helps this

AgResearch-JD Morton, C Roach
Completed June 2003

Best Management in pastoral catchment of shallow lakes (Northland Lakes Project)

AgResearch - M O'Connor, B Parker(AgNZ)
Completed March 2003

Fate of K in dairy pasture systems

Lincoln University-Centre for Soil & Environmental Quality-Dr LM Condron, Dr HJ Di, Prof KC Cameron, et al
Completed July 2002

Reducing the impact of vegetable production on groundwater quality

Agriculture NZ-L Wharfe (AgNZ), T Tompson(ARC), J McNeill(Horizon MW) & P Williams (Crop & Food)
Completed March 2004

Waipawa Fertiliser Trial

AgResearch-A Gillingham et al
Completed June 2003

N mineralisation as affected by soil, environmental and mineralisable pool factors

AgResearch - S Mishra, K Cameron (Lincoln), R Monaghan & A Carran
Completed December 2002

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